Zuma declares to know nothing… not a damn thing.

This is starting to become like a cooking show…

  1. First, you’ll need 1 mentally-disabled President (a presidential hopefull will do),

  2. A heaped bucket-load of incompetent and corrupt state officialls,

  3. Stir in some illicit dealing and absurd public blunders.

  4. Leave to destroy a wonderful country for 2 years and serve on crisp bed of public disinterest.

  5. Voila, disaster is served!

Zuma plans to ‘decentralise’ power


African National Congress (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma, soon to stand trial on corruption charges, says he would “decentralise” power if elected South Africa’s next president, the Sunday Independent reported.

Politicians and the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions (Cosatu) labour federation have accused President Thabo Mbeki, who has been in office since 1999, for centralising power in the presidency.

“Once you allow that tendency [of centralising power] you are in danger that the people will not be able to defend their democracy [or] defend their power,” Zuma was quoted as telling the newspaper in an interview.

“We must never allow it, it is a dangerous thing,” he said, adding that under his rule, the ANC leadership — not him personally — would take decisions on state matters.

Way to be a man for the people there Z-man, ask to be leader of the country you want nothing to do with leading.

Zuma — whose trial on 16 charges ranging from money-laundering to racketeering is to begin next week — added he would prefer to serve only one term in office, and that he would fire incompetent officials.

Start with yourself, you utter disgrace.

SOURCE: Mail & Guardian


One response to “Zuma declares to know nothing… not a damn thing.

  1. He just wants to appease the COSATO mob. because if they dont tell their ‘drones’ ( i dont mean that as a racist statment, but the fact that they TELL their members who to vote for and what to wear and what to say and their members DO it…makes them drones) to vote, the ANC looses a fat chunk of its votes.

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