Are YOU voting in 2009?!

We’re pretty sure that all of you reading this are, in fact, intelligent, wonderful people but what are YOU doing for OUR country. The one thing you can do is vote next year.

We’ve heard the “I don’t vote ‘cos it doesn’t make a difference” story far too many times. But we have some simple statistcs for you:

4 Years:

The number of years we will have another pillock in power if you do not vote. Incidently 4-years is also the total amount of formal [primary] education that the pillock in question has completed. That means, if you have a 10-year-old daughter, she is more qualified than Zuma to lead.


The number of African countries ruled by Zuma-like leaders (i.e. stupid, corrupted and inept). These countries also make up the significant portion of Worlds top 50 poorest and broken countries.

43, 234, 584.34%

The increase in the chance for you to make difference if you actaully vote vs. not voting at all.

Folks, even Wikipedia is forecasting severe problems should Zuma be elected in a runaway election. We have to stand up and make sure Zuma knows we despise his thick, criminal, philanderring ass.

We’re voting in 2009, are you?


12 responses to “Are YOU voting in 2009?!

  1. lol @ the 4years story. Yeha you should have @ least (READ: at very least) have a matric to run for govt. And pres needs a BCOM or something also. and not an honour one that they norm get.

    /prepared to vote

  2. I agree completely! Vote and make the communists loose power, with each vote they loose, we win one!

  3. Agreed, people who do not vote are choosing not to take part in the political process of the country and therefore have no right to complain when a government is chosen.

    Although lol, what the hell would a bcom do for the president? Formal education is a useful indicator of a person’s intelligence and or competence. However, I have met many people with PhD’s that would not be fit to run anything.

    Being president is about being a good leader, someone the people will follow, who has the interests of the people at heart and will listen to and follow sound counsel. Formal education has nothing to do with this.

    Having a matric certificate or a degree won’t make someone less corrupt or less stupid.

    That being said apathy is the greatest threat to democracy and I for one don’t want to stand by and watch this country decline into a socialist hell-hole.

    Anyone who believes in that nonsense of a worker’s paradise, or that government can cure society’s ills by dictating how people should live their lives from hundreds of km away should be locked up in the loony bin. Of course that won’t really happen, so for now we can at least vote and make sure that the communists and trade unions don’t let their little puppet, Zuma ruin this country

  4. @ seb

    that is very true. At least some form of tertiary education would be a requirement. even if its home ec. just something really to show that you have some skill / understanding of something more complex than janet has 3 dogs and 4 birds. How many legs between them?

    but the cracks are starting to form between the AMC and the Unions. Lets just hope the masses start to realise whats potting.

  5. Not that i support Zuma in any way but how can I take anyone who can’t spell lose seriously?

  6. This is a biased, stup, website i’ve ever visited..Whatevaer you agenda is ..You are going ot be outnumbered come 2009..zuma will lead and You can F*ucken leave the coutry if you want..nxxx

  7. @Pr0-Zuma – as entitled as you are to your opinion, simply outnumbering someone doesn’t make you fit to lead.

    As for bias? Read our about section. We present a non-politically aligned front FOR the people of this country and it’s prosperity. Although we report on news events, we are a source of opinion and therefore “bias” is, essentially, the point.

    And finally, no, no-no, *NO*! We will not leave this country, you ignorant fundark.

  8. @ Pro-zuma

    dude… its people like u that make people from everyrace hate you… why should I be told to bugger outa my own country… its just as much mine as it is yours…

    i think this site is just trying to make the people aware of how freaking random our govt is at the moment.

    and hell yes having a laugh at some of it..because if we didnt laugh at some of the things that are done by our lovely leaders we would all end up being stress balls of note…unemployable … or like you.

  9. Sadly, ppl wil be brainwashed and forced to vote for Zuma….just like the elections in Zim….so much for the struggle for freedom….
    Anyway, I have to take a shower….

  10. @Pro-Zuma,
    I feel sorry for you if you think that Zuma will in fact make things better. How do you think someone that is less educated then the average 10-year-old is going to be able a complex thing like a country.
    As for your attitude I think that you are mistake if you think this site is biased. This site speaks truth and the truth never lies and has no alliances.
    As for the article, I think that every MP or person in a position of authority should have at least a decent matric (as in passed with decent marks) and maybe some form of tertiary education.
    I also think that each Major should have the ability to play SimCity™ and manage the city into a profitable, well structured entity.
    I think that most people in government could learn a think or two from actually playing a simulation as a learning experience.

    I will vote but personally I will gladly be taking my leave of this pathetic country and will gladly be adding to the MASSIVE skills drain.

    I am not sure who I’d vote for but it WON’T be ANC!

  11. Excuse the grammar and misspelling it was written in a rush. 😛

  12. What do you mean we are going to be outnumbered???? ummm too late..I personally blame sabc for making it to expensive to own a tv and thus having nothing else to do.

    Hey do you think they could get ZUMA on an episode of are you smarter that a 5th grader….?

    Africa is run on greed and corruption just look at the rest of africa. How many stable countries are run by africans………hmmm no further comment.

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