Kgalema Motlanthe our new president, and he’s dirty.

A man that needs some introduction.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Motlanthe is a shareholder of Pamodzi Investment Holdings. In February 2006, auditors revealed that a total of about R2 billion in loans by the Land Bank, a government institution established to help farmers, had gone sour. Earlier, a R800 million (about $112 million) 10 year loan had been given to Pamodzi. This amounted to nearly one-third of the Land Bank’s total assets, and was a non-agricultural investment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the new President of South Africa – Kgalema Motlanthe.



8 responses to “Kgalema Motlanthe our new president, and he’s dirty.

  1. so if i understand this correctly you are only qualified to be in the top of the ANC if you are corrupt or have been involved in some fore of it.

    man this is so freaking crazy… am i the only 1 that feels like he has been given crazy pills?

  2. Ahh soo corruption glorious corruption with no end in sight

  3. HAA! now ANC is loosing it what about BALEKA MBETHE? it will loose suppoters i am telling u.

  4. You should check out my profile out on Facebook

  5. Ahhh yes, Wikipedia…that all knowing, always correct source of invaluable information right?

    Nothing was proven and no charges have been laid against him. Please provide proper legitimate sources next time.

  6. @ LS … sure there was nothing “proved” but we all know that govts love covering things up.

    where there is so much miss management of vast amounts of funds and projects that dont get completed there is def more that we cant see.

    As for the sources check this out:

    “If money is the grease that makes democracies function, then South Africa should be one of the most well-oiled democracies in the world. ”

    and this article

    If you cannot see behind the smoke that they are blowing outa their collective corrupt asses then you are truly blind.

    Nothing is said/investigated about the million that went missing.. they just got the govt to throw another R700m @ the problem and every1 looked the other way.

    open ur eyes.

  7. yep, so let’s all start asking questions and start digging. Where there’s smoke, there is fire…end of the story.

  8. You can hide fire, not smoke. The idea is to blow smoke so nobody recoqnizes the real crap. Cry wolf too many times and nobody responds. Otherwise, try intimidation and fear tactics. Politicians do this all the time. Remember, it is only a crime if you get caught AND convicted. Sleep unsound. For every 1 that asks questions, 10 tell him to keep quiet and stop being a rascist or joining the enemy.

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