Ban the ANC on TV? Will that help?

‘Ban ANC on TV debates’

Dominic Mahlangu

I guess it's entertainment.

I guess it's entertainment.

THE DA wants the ANC banned from SABC election debates after supporters of the two parties clashed in Johannesburg after the latest TV show.

DA MP Ian Davidson said supporters of his party were assaulted with pipes and bricks by ANC supporters outside the University of Johannesburg, where the debate was taking place, on Sunday night.

He said: ‘‘The DA will write today to the SABC … requesting that the ANC be banned with immediate effect from taking part in the SABC election debate series.’’

The debates are screened on SABC2.

The ANC played down the incident, saying that the DA should report the alleged attack to the police if it had evidence.

Davidson said ANC supporters began misbehaving even before the show started when DA supporters were prevented from taking seats in parts of the hall where the debate was to be staged.

‘‘As a number of DA supporters took their seats, they were blocked by ANC supporters who sang ‘Block them this side, block them that side … we want to kill these dogs.’”

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said the corporation would investigate if the DA complained.

Davidson said a charge of assault will be lodged with the police once a report on the injuries suffered by DA supporters had been completed.

Via TheTimes


One response to “Ban the ANC on TV? Will that help?

  1. this is just the tip of the ANC -> ZanuPF evolution.

    If they are scared because of debates etc, and resort to these kinds of tactics its just so fail.

    I dont understand how people can say that singing “Block them this side, block them that side … we want to kill these dogs.” at an opposition party rally isnt seen as interfering by the IEC.


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