About the AMC

The AMC was inspired by this picture.

Our beautiful country is at risk of having a retard as our president. We say “fuck you Zuma… you prick” and a few other things too. We’re sick of Zuma and his chronies fucking around in the public eye and no one calling them retards, ‘cos that’s what they are. Moreover, we are up to our eyeballs with the ANC-led government, the ANC youth league and, Manto, Mbeki, Malema… “fuck you all, may your crotches be over-run with crabs and your arms too short to scratch.”

That said, this is a humorous site and the views and content expressed herein do not neccessarily reflect those of it’s creators.

If you’d like to contribute please get in touch.

Sept 2010 EDITORS NOTE: This site was setup and run for the election. We have since moved onto twitter. This site may/may not be restarted depending on events.


6 responses to “About the AMC

  1. At last, a site to take the piss out of silverbacks and their TAKE on democracy.

    I look fwd to some engaging comments.

    Viva Chibuku Viva

  2. Respect dude! 🙂

  3. I think its time that every1 who is a South African and is sick of peeps in power getting the payday even tho they dont perform, should be cut down to size.

    Viva AMC Viva!

  4. this is fcking awesome site i love finally being able so say what the “non-african” people have to say according to our great former president once called us

  5. haha fucking superb site!! I must ask.. I have often been interested in posting controversial political matter in the sake of humour(as you have done so awesomely), what should I take note of?
    As the constitution allows me to do so, rite?

  6. So, some idiot from the ANC accidentally Cc me in his email with all the IEC results & some insults to the other parties, and all these people reply-to-all… it is scary man. I don’t know where they got my email in the first place! But i really think these poeple will kill for Zuma. Serious shit.

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