Spread it

We’re about protesting the rediculous nature of South African politics. We’re calling all the Photoshop-pers, all the blog trawlers, all the internet trolls and YOU to take these images and begin spreading the message.

“We’re pissed off, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

If you’re an intelligent and enlightened South African and you’re sick to death of the circus that is our administration, then join the underground that pokes fun at the underbelly of the fat cats in South African Politics.

Add these elements to new clippings and pictures of Zuma, Malema, Manto… the whole gang. The key is to be subtle, if we can get away with a major news or opinion source publishing a AMC shopped picture, the message will spread.

Download the AMC ShopPack.

Forum Signatures:

Take it, spread it, use it and have a laugh.


3 responses to “Spread it

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  2. Hi, how do we get a badge link to put onto our blogs?

  3. Hi boerseun, what sizes would you like?

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