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Zuma’s Facebook Profile

Rumors are a circulating that Bra’Jacob has a profile on Facebook! Let’s all add him as a friend and poke him profusely!


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[edit] Zumatello – South African middle age moronic ninja turtle.

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

God bless the fine people of Slackers for this one and the SystemShock Community for creating this little gem.

SA Politics – The Mind-Map Version


Thanks to Slackers, where we found this. And credit to ThoughtLeader.

ANCYL in disarray over Malema’s Merc.

It seems fast and furious motor cars are the thorn in Guavaments side at the moment.

The Lighter Side

The discovery that Malema drives a Merc and not a BMW has thrown the Youth League into chaos.

Reports that a luxury sedan belonging to ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema was broken into have thrown the organisation into disarray. According to ANCYL insiders, the discovery that Malema drives a Mercedes and not a traditional BMW has left cadres feeling betrayed, and many are calling for Malema to be disciplined for breaking ranks with the brand.
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Astro & Jacob tearing it up in CPT’s new Police Lambo!

For the LOLz…


Bra T-Bo was caught here in an embrace that can only be described as “shit off his tits”. Captured by a cunning bandit at a conference shin-dig after hammerring down a pint or 2 of Johnny Blue and Fanta Orange.

Big up respect to nerfherder from Slackers. You guys fucking rock!

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“SHOWER TIME!” – Jacob

I remember watching this video a couple years ago and it made me laugh till I cried. I just watched it again and it’s lost none of its charm. We’d love it if the guys who made this video got in touch with us, we have a few concepts we’d like to discuss.