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[edit] Zumatello – South African middle age moronic ninja turtle.

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

God bless the fine people of Slackers for this one and the SystemShock Community for creating this little gem.


PICS: Zuma’s new billboard speaks the truth!


Thanks to Kevin Jones for sending this picture in, it’s a classic.

Astro & Jacob tearing it up in CPT’s new Police Lambo!

For the LOLz…

Lambo’s for the Cape Town Metro Police.

Acting executive director of safety and security – Heathcliff Thomas – reckons that the Mother City’s Five-Oh are pretty slow. Lambo’s and Merc’s for the boys of the force are the order of the day according to Thomas supported by the Police Chief – Bongani Jonas.

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Bra T-Bo was caught here in an embrace that can only be described as “shit off his tits”. Captured by a cunning bandit at a conference shin-dig after hammerring down a pint or 2 of Johnny Blue and Fanta Orange.

Big up respect to nerfherder from Slackers. You guys fucking rock!

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