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  1. iam very close friend of mahumapelo, the spoke person of anc in north west province…..after their friday meeting as pac of north west he pointed out clear that the decision in the meeting was that ma molewa should resign…even thandi modise seconded that…but what supprised me more is that after they realise that only nec of anc has only othose powers to recall the ma molewa they then said those alligation were only some of the issues that were touched during the meeting… so what i want to know is that according to anc as a whole and its brunchers…after every meeting they have held, what their communicate to the people is suggestions or fact that were decided in the meeting?…or what we see zuma camp getting ride all mbeki fans……when comes to the ecomony of south africa i can tell you only one thing..what ever is happening was mistake that was done after this country become independed…you know that after russia got freedom first thing what they did they started what was easy called internal selling of domestic product..all imports and export were burnned…they were empowering themselves without opening doors for foreign countries….after they have stabilize their economy is only then they started to sell outside and accept import((((iam going to class)))) iam student at north west universty(mafikeng campus)

  2. woah dude… thats quite a wall of text. what is this about really? are you saying the ANC is going to ‘burn’ our exports?

    Im sorry if i missed your point. Can you/some1 else explain what he means?

  3. @AMC: If you haven’t had a giggle at this already, you might enjoy it:

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