We, the AMC are participating in the Register-to-Vote campaign to encourage everyone to get off their butts and perform their civic duty this weekend. Change begins with your vote, and your vote begins with registration.

Beloved, South Africa – let’s make it count.

An analysis of the 2004 national election results in South Africa offers an elucidating prism through which to view the situation in South Africa today.

From one perspective, the result was a resounding triumph for president Thabo Mbeki but a closer examination offers a different perspective.

  1. The ANC won nearly 70 percent of the votes cast, an improvement on its performance in the 1994 and 1999 national elections.
  2. Against that, only 57 percent of the voting-age population turned out to vote, meaning that 43 percent either failed to register to vote or, if they did, were conspicuous by their absence at the polling booths.
  3. Calculations by emeritus professors John Daniel and Roger Southall show that the ANC garnered a mere 40 percent of the total number of eligible voters. Put differently, of the roughly 27,5 million eligible voters, less than 16 million voted, which means 11,5 million did not.

These figures point to declining participation in elections by eligible voters, which, in turn, points to disillusionment with the ANC as the ruling party.



If you’re registered, check & confirm your details.


How & Where do I register?

Well due to the shocking nature of the IEC website, we’re unable to give you any more information other than the contact details for your local municipal branch.

As we find out our more, we will update this section.


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