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Julius “shoottokill” Malema files complaint against Lekota.

Malema, the pillock, has the balls (although lacks the literacy skills) to file a complaint against Lekota for “inflammatory public utterances”. Coming from the man who proudly chanted “kill for Zuma” from many a podium in the past year, we find it all a bit rich.

The following is taken from a statement to the Human Rights Commission “by” Malema on behalf of the ANCYL:

Dear Chairperson,

The African National Congress Youth League requests the South African Human Rights Commission to make an urgent intervention on the recurrent statements and public utterances of Mr. Patrick Lekota, the founder member of the splinter rebel political movement, recently resolved by a Convention at the Sandton Convention Centre. In his many interviews and public utterances, including on the interview with Kaya FM on the 30th of October 2008, Mr. Lekota has said that the leadership of the ANC and ANC YL will kill anyone who does not vote for ANC President Jacob Zuma in the 2009 General Elections.

In the statement the ANC YL jointly released on the 3rd of July 2008, it was clearly stated “Mr Malema appreciated the criticism levelled against him for using the word “kill” and recognizes that the word could have been interpreted differently.

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Julius Malema havin’ a party.

Julius “shoottokill” Malema may be planning a surprise party. Amidst the Mbeki vs. ANC fiasco, reports have been circulating around Malema’s plans to lead a break-away party in opposition to the ANC.

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ANCYL in disarray over Malema’s Merc.

It seems fast and furious motor cars are the thorn in Guavaments side at the moment.

The Lighter Side

The discovery that Malema drives a Merc and not a BMW has thrown the Youth League into chaos.

Reports that a luxury sedan belonging to ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema was broken into have thrown the organisation into disarray. According to ANCYL insiders, the discovery that Malema drives a Mercedes and not a traditional BMW has left cadres feeling betrayed, and many are calling for Malema to be disciplined for breaking ranks with the brand.
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Malema is the coward, apparently.

So, Malema was asked to appear on eTV’s 3rd Degree and subsequently declined or rather sent a minion to talk to the dagger lady. I can only assume that it’s because of one of (or all) 3 things:

  1. He realised that he’d actually have to follow an intellectual debate and respond to questions rather than his usual public one-way, disjointed scattering of verbs, nouns and adjectives he calls English.
  2. There was a sale on God-awful clothing and accessories that Julius just “kooo-dent” miss out on.
  3. He’s a complete and utter yellow-bellied, retarded, bird-shit-for-brains, COWARD!

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