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Musa Xulu is a racist fool. Stand up ALL South Africans.

It’s time white South Africans accepted defeat

Musa Xulu
15 March 2009
Musa Xulu writes that the DA still harbours hopes of taking SA back to the ugly years of minority domination

It is time that white South Africa accepted defeat and move with the times

The title of this article was inspired in part by the recent article which was written by Mr. Thula Bopela (see here) and largely by events which I have seen unfold over the last 15 years. These events have led me to conclude that Whites in general will never accept that they lost power, especially to a so called lesser race in intellect or that they are under a Black led government which is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The veteran comrade made a compelling argument in his article whose sentiments I fully agree with hence I decided to advise my White counterparts and fellow Black people who are in their pockets that the game is over.

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[edit] Zumatello – South African middle age moronic ninja turtle.

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

ZUMATELLO: Weapon of choice - showercap

God bless the fine people of Slackers for this one and the SystemShock Community for creating this little gem.

PICS: Zuma’s new billboard speaks the truth!


Thanks to Kevin Jones for sending this picture in, it’s a classic.

SMS shed’s light on the Mbeki Vs. ANC fiasco, and it’s sad.

Thank you to those of you that began sending insight on the collapse of the Mbeki administration over the weekend. It’s a dog-show, to be sure. Some of the most unsettling content we received came from The Times regarding SMS conversations going on during the NEC meeting that forced Mbeki out of the presidency yesterday. Read it and weep for you nation.

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Are YOU voting in 2009?!

We’re pretty sure that all of you reading this are, in fact, intelligent, wonderful people but what are YOU doing for OUR country. The one thing you can do is vote next year.

We’ve heard the “I don’t vote ‘cos it doesn’t make a difference” story far too many times. But we have some simple statistcs for you:

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Zuma declares to know nothing… not a damn thing.

This is starting to become like a cooking show…

  1. First, you’ll need 1 mentally-disabled President (a presidential hopefull will do),

  2. A heaped bucket-load of incompetent and corrupt state officialls,

  3. Stir in some illicit dealing and absurd public blunders.

  4. Leave to destroy a wonderful country for 2 years and serve on crisp bed of public disinterest.

  5. Voila, disaster is served!

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“SHOWER TIME!” – Jacob

I remember watching this video a couple years ago and it made me laugh till I cried. I just watched it again and it’s lost none of its charm. We’d love it if the guys who made this video got in touch with us, we have a few concepts we’d like to discuss.